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'Storms' - The Blams Single Review

  'Storms' - The Blams Single Review Essex/East London trio The Blams are back with their latest single 'Storms' released 28th January.  Unmistakably still very much The Blams, it has a softer feel than some of their previous tracks, with emotionally delivered vocals and a bittersweet feel. The grunge is still there, it's just more stripped back and raw which adds to the heartbreak and fits the lyrics on a genius level. The band said "Storms takes the perspective of loving someone too much, to a point bordering on abusive. It takes the rose-tinted perspective of the one unknowingly smothering their person"  I love the clever storytelling, the stormy metaphors and the line "I'd give you everything that you never wanted" I think this one will definitely gain them some new listeners and is a must add for those sad Valentine's playlists. I'm not crying you are.
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'Somebody' - Sarpa Salpa Single Review

  'Somebody' - Sarpa Salpa Single Review Sarpa Salpa released 'Somebody' on Friday 14th January. A refreshing, upbeat song that you just have to dance to! The strength of both the keys and guitars vying for supremacy as the track progresses is fantastic. There's an amazingly catchy hook, enhanced with vocals that are full of personality and emotions. They manage to fuse a nostalgic synth sound with indie guitars to produce another Sarpa dance floor banger full of depth.  Written about the end of a relationship, frontman Marcus Marooth said "'Somebody' is a final goodbye to an old friend after 7 years together, it's the summary of realisation that we weren't meant to be and that we are both happier and better off where we are today." I was introduced to Sarpa Salpa after I got chatting to one of their fans whilst waiting outside a Declan McKenna concert. After telling her I ran a music blog she told me I must listen to them - she was so righ

Single Preview of 'Picture' - The K's

Single Preview of 'Picture' - The K's Get ready as The K's are about to release their latest stadium sized anthem 'Picture' tomorrow (10th December). Having already achieved radio play pre-release including a first national spin on Radio X this is a highly anticipated release from the four.  With a smooth start the song smashes in hard when the guitar is joined by vocals and drums, the spirit and energy of punk fused with the clever indie guitars and rock solos is unmistakeably The K's. The personality and humour of lyrics that everyone will relate to made me smile and you definitely feel them! "And I just liked your picture from 36 weeks ago". This is one you'll have on repeat and one listen isn't enough! Frontman Jamie said of the story behind the track: "Picture encapsulates an all too familiar situation for many people - a drunken night ending in disaster - you accidentally let your ex know you're thinking about them when you s

Abbie Ozard - 'Grown' Single Review

Abbie Ozard - 'Grown' Single Review Abbie Ozard released new single 'Grown' today (30/11/21) accompanied by a video premiere this evening, on The Fader for the single. Known for her thoughtful, storytelling style 'Grown' incorporates samples from her family home videos and both starts and ends with these and a simple piano accompaniment. The track builds atmospherically after reflecting back and questioning a past relationship, as Abbie says "everything has changed......and I hope you're happy and your hearts still fine without me", and is possibly more reflective and melancholy in style than some of her previous tracks. What stands out are the emotionally beautiful vocals and the clever and effective pace of the song with the simple start, epic build and then return to the heartbreaking simplicity one again to conclude. This effectively makes you feel the song and the lyrics in full force! Abbie said of the track "I wrote 'Grown' back

Greysha - 'Gold Glaze' Single Review

  19 year old, Shropshire based singer/songwriter Greysha released 'Gold Glaze' on 20th October.  A beautiful and reflective song about looking back at key events in your life. Told from the perspective of growing up it touches on lots of subjects many teenagers will recognise in themselves, not wanting to be in class, rebellious piercings, also however the more serious and poignant subjects of family and looking back at happier times.  As a subscriber to her mailing list from back when I bought the CD of her previous single 'Aspirin' , Greysha said of 'Gold Glaze' on release "I have poured my soul and a little part of who I am into this" The inflection and emotion she puts into the vocals literally make you feel this is true. A track with layered harmonies and cinematic strings, you smile and you even sing along to the "Gold Glaze" part but you also feel Greysha's pain at times..."Tell the darkness to stay back another day"  Gr

Dead Freights - 'Batman'

  Dead Freights - 'Batman' Dead Freights released their new video for 'Batman' today, this follows on from their recent announcements of signing a multi-album deal with 25 Hour and that they are the main support slot for The Libertines UK tour next month! Formed in Southampton in 2015, Charlie, Louis, Robert and Dan write punky, angsty tracks laced with dark humour and social commentary. On listening to their reincarnation of the original superhero theme there is a witty but angry message forged from the experience of a night out in Southampton. "One night on my way home from the pub I got chased by a guy with a baseball bat, he was off his head and told me he was Batman.... it occurred to me that Batman is just another billionaire that can live above the law, use violence cause he's got that moral authority that comes with power"   The self-produced video sees frontman Charlie James being chased through the back alleys of their hometown into a car park wh

Lauran Hibberd - 'Charlie's Car' Single Review

  Lauren Hibberd - 'Charlie's Car' Single Review Lauran Hibberd has signed to Virgin Music and shared her amazing new track 'Charlie's Car'. Fresh from a summer of festival appearances and headline dates, the Isle Of Wight musician follows up the anthem-packed EP 'Goober' with this latest upbeat release.  As always, Lauran has a loveable, satirical way of telling a story in her music in a way that makes you smile and empathise when you listen. The self-deprecating acceptance of the situation and the fact that you know it's part of the attraction!  Lauran explained the meaning behind the lyrics; "I think everyone has a 'Charlie' in their life. It's ironic that this totally unreasonable behaviour is something I find myself thirsty for. WHAT'S WRONG WITH ME? This track is definitely just a down spiralling array of unhealthy events that I find myself (as always) coating in infamous comedy." Lauran worked with producer Suzy Shinn